I am so excited to have a blog accessible from my website! Blogging has been on my heart for quite awhile now, and I can't wait to get the ball rolling (finally)!

My work is something incredibly special to me. I think it's so rare to have the opportunity to make your hobby your actual JOB, but I have been seriously blessed in this department! Not only am I crazy about what I do, but I often get to work with the man I'm crazy about while I do it! My super talented photographer husband and I have been given so many wonderful opportunities in the past few years to build our business together... and gotten to work on many projects together. I love working along side photographers- listening to the particular needs and vision of what our clients hair and makeup should translate like through their style of photography. I love the unique eye each photographer has for their work, and I've been enchanted by what a beautiful talent photography is for as long as I can remember. 

Though, in the past few years that Eric and I have been able to work along side of eachother, I've learned what sort of magic comes out of our combined work from the chemistry that's built into our marriage. We've developed the ability to hone in on how to compliment each other's work to achieve exactly what our clients are looking for... And we've had SO much fun, all the while ;)


I write all this to ultimately say: Thank you! To our past clients, and all of the clients that have a hand in the exciting projects we have coming up this year! We are so excited to continue perfecting our skills.... separately and together! 


To check out some Eric's work, click the tag attached below :)