Friday Favorites: Kevin Murphy Dry Cleaning Spray

Hellooooo friends! 

Clearly I am a very active blogger... ;) Oops! I promise I have many things stored in my mind that I want to blog about. Maybe now that wedding season is slowing down I'll get to share with you guys a bit more! 

This favorite has been at the top of my list for quite awhile. I am *constantly* asked by my clients about dry shampoo! It's such a hot product right now, yet I myself felt just as lost as my clients! I have honestly tried about 10 different dry shampoo's in the last year- and never felt like I loved any of them. Most either left a filmy visible powder on my hair or smelled too much like baby powder (which, frankly, when mixed with dirty hair smell- Eww). I only wash my hair once or twice a week, so without a dry shampoo... It's top knot city for me! Therefore- I was on a mission. 

After hearing that Amanda Seyfried (the effortless hair Queen herself) uses Kevin Murphy's Dry Cleaning Spray- I was intrigued, but not sold. I stumbled upon it while shopping one day shortly after that and immediately sprayed a quick mist- CITRUS, YOU GUYS! This product has the most delicious creamy, citrusy scent that completely refreshes your hair. I snuck a tester on my already 2 day old hair and was completely in love. No white residue and hardly noticeable to the touch!

Give it a good shake, and use your pinky to separate your hair into rough 1 inch sections, misting each section at the root. Once applied all over, I like to give my roots a good shake up with my fingers, and then very lightly run a wide tooth comb back over the top to smooth.

(This product is also great for giving your clean hair a little texture.. Focusing your application on your ends!) 

Leave a comment below if you guys get a chance to try this- or tell me what your favorite dry shampoo is! <3