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Hi friends! 

We got some VERY exciting news a few months ago....

We are seriously so pumped to meet this sweet little person in July! I've been having so much fun day dreaming about what the next year is gonna look like for our little family. With that said, things will be changing a bit for me (obviously)- and my blog! Considering the later half of this year I'll be busy snuggling and obsessively smooching a newborn, I've decided to take that time to also nurture a few of my other loves- and write about them along the way! I still plan to post my beauty favorites, but I'm looking forward to posting about a broader variety of topics.... (and I'm sure sneaking in some photos of a brand new squishy baby). The look of my site will slowly be evolving in the coming months, but I'm hoping to have new content on the blog in the next few weeks! 

As ALWAYS, please feel free to continue sending inquires my way! I am absolutely still taking hair and makeup clients, though will be taking some time off starting in May... (because let's be real... there's no way I'm gonna be able to lug my enormous kit AND enormous belly around.) Thank you guys for the continuous love! 


Friday Favorites: Kevin Murphy Dry Cleaning Spray

Hellooooo friends! 

Clearly I am a very active blogger... ;) Oops! I promise I have many things stored in my mind that I want to blog about. Maybe now that wedding season is slowing down I'll get to share with you guys a bit more! 

This favorite has been at the top of my list for quite awhile. I am *constantly* asked by my clients about dry shampoo! It's such a hot product right now, yet I myself felt just as lost as my clients! I have honestly tried about 10 different dry shampoo's in the last year- and never felt like I loved any of them. Most either left a filmy visible powder on my hair or smelled too much like baby powder (which, frankly, when mixed with dirty hair smell- Eww). I only wash my hair once or twice a week, so without a dry shampoo... It's top knot city for me! Therefore- I was on a mission. 

After hearing that Amanda Seyfried (the effortless hair Queen herself) uses Kevin Murphy's Dry Cleaning Spray- I was intrigued, but not sold. I stumbled upon it while shopping one day shortly after that and immediately sprayed a quick mist- CITRUS, YOU GUYS! This product has the most delicious creamy, citrusy scent that completely refreshes your hair. I snuck a tester on my already 2 day old hair and was completely in love. No white residue and hardly noticeable to the touch!

Give it a good shake, and use your pinky to separate your hair into rough 1 inch sections, misting each section at the root. Once applied all over, I like to give my roots a good shake up with my fingers, and then very lightly run a wide tooth comb back over the top to smooth.

(This product is also great for giving your clean hair a little texture.. Focusing your application on your ends!) 

Leave a comment below if you guys get a chance to try this- or tell me what your favorite dry shampoo is! <3